Frequently Asked Questions

NEED HELP? How do I contact The Sports Fans Connection?

If you have any questions or needs, please call our HELP LINE (877) 286-0536, and one of our representatives will assist you.
The Sports Fans Connection is open Monday - Friday, closed weekends and holidays. If an email is sent, or a message is left with us, we will reply within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

What is The Sports Fans Connection Subscription?

The Sports Fans Connection (SFC) Subscription is a service that allows you to CONNECT and interact with an Athlete(s) of your choice. The benefits may include: exciting events, activities, trips, meet “n” greets and live video calls, all WITH an athlete(s), text messages from the athlete(s),
LIVE STREAMING from events, sweepstakes and contests, proprietary photos and videos not found anywhere on the internet, athlete back-stories, monthly newsletter and much more!

How do I sign up for a subscription?

On our website’s home page, click the tab at the top SIGN UP, then select an athlete, fill out the sign-up form and submit a credit card that is used to pay your monthly fee of $9.99.
NOTE: Due to hard-coded site configurations, the SIGN UP form has a membership date of 4/23/2018 to 12/31/2020, please ignore this. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REMAIN SUBSCRIBED THROUGH 2020 (you can cancel at any time). This is a month-to-month subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Where do I find the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Travel Policy, Purchase Policy and Advertising Policy?

Go to the footer (bottom of our home page and find the links for our legal documents, including our T&Cs and our Privacy Policy. By becoming a subscriber, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Travel Policy, Purchase Policy and Advertising Policy.
Additional policies will include those for contests, sweepstakes and reward policies when applicable.

Do you collect my personal information?

We collect a limited amount of personal information as required to perform the duties of the SFC, such as name, address (in case we need to mail you a sweepstakes prize), an email address (to send you our monthly newsletter, etc.) a cell phone number (so that the athlete can text you) etc.
WE DO NOT SELL, SHARE, GIVE OR TRADE your personal information to anyone that is not directly related to the SFC. In addition, the credit card number you provide is also collected and stored by a secure third-party billing provider under contract with SFC. Please refer to our SFC Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for details.

How do I change my password?

On our website’s home page, click SIGN IN. On the SIGN IN page you will see Forgot your password? Reset your password here . Click the RESET YOUR PASSWORD link. This will take you to our third party subscriber/event management company’s site to change your password. The change will be confirmed via email to you. Please then GO BACK to our site for access

Is it possible to change my payment due date?

No. Your payment due date is always on your anniversary date (the actual date that you signed up). You can find this date on your personal profile.

What does my $9.99 monthly subscription fee include, and does it include more than one Athlete?

Your $9.99 monthly subscription fee provides you with the opportunity to attend "subscriber only" events, trips and activities (events, trips and activities are additional fees). Your monthly fee also includes proprietary photos and videos, live video conferences with the athlete, texts from the athlete, contests, athlete back stories and more!

Your monthly $9.99 is for one athlete, the one you subscribed to. If you would like to subscribe to one or more additional athletes, log-in and from the Subscriber Home page, click the SELECT ANOTHER ATHLETE tab at the top. This will allow you to select another athlete, and subscribe to that athlete.
There will be another $9.99 monthly fee associated with each athlete that you subscribe to. You may cancel your fan club membership at any time by contacting us at or by calling (877) 286-0536 (give them your name, email and the athlete that you subscribed to).

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by contacting us at or by calling (877) 286-0536 (give them your name, email and the athlete that you subscribed to).
NOTE: Please cancel within three business days of your anniversary date (found on your personal profile page) to avoid our system automatically charging you for another month.

Are there refunds for Subscription fees or Event fees?

Once a monthly subscription fee has been charged, there are no refunds on subscription fees. If you cancel your subscription by following the ” directions (in this document-above), this will avoid any future subscription fees from being charged to your credit card.

If you sign-up and pay for an EVENT and need to cancel, you can receive a refund by following these instructions:
NOTE: Please be positive that at the time you Register for an event, you check to be sure refunds are offered by the vendor. Some vendors do not offer refunds.
For events/vendors that DO offer refunds, please call our HELP LINE (877) 286-0536 and ask to cancel your EVENT. Be sure to provide your name, email address, event name/date and the athlete that you are subscribed to.
NOTE: Please cancel the EVENT within three business days of the EVENT to qualify for a refund.

Where do I find events, trips and activities to attend, with the athlete I subscribed to?

You must be a subscriber to attend any/all events, trips and activities with the athletes.
To sign up/subscribe, go to our website’s home page, click the tab at the top SIGN UP, then select an athlete, fill out the sign-up form and submit a credit card that is used to pay your monthly fee of $9.99. You can then access the event calendar specific to the athlete that you subscribed to.

To register for an event, go to our website’s home page, and SIGN IN which will take you to the Subscriber Home page. On the Subscriber Home page (at the top of the page) click GO TO MY ATHLETE you subscribed to, or you can click MY ATHLETE on the top tab.
This will take you to the athlete’s page that you subscribed to, which displays all of the upcoming events/activities available. Click an event to access the REGISTRATION page, sign-up and pay the event fee!

Are there any specific conduct requirements for subscribers to comply with while attending an Event, Activity, Fan Fest or other function?

Yes, as follows:
NO attendance when intoxicated
NO illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia or alcohol
NO fireworks or sparklers
NO weapons
NO unauthorized or unlicensed vending
NO disorderly conduct of any kind.
A violation can result in your removal from the event.

Does it cost anything to participate in SFC Sweepstakes and Contests?

All subscribers are automatically entered into our sweepstakes or contests (please refer to our T&C’s, under SWEEPSTAKES AND CONTESTS for details). There is no entry fee associated with our sweepstakes or contests.

How do I access a LIVE VIDEO call?

To access one of our LIVE VIDEO calls with an athlete, you must first download the Start Meeting app:

#1: Download the Desktop App: The StartMeeting desktop application (to access Live Video Calls) can be found and downloaded on the bottom of this page:

Click "Get desktop app."

#2: To join the online Live Video Call, click the online meeting link:, and enter your name and e-mail address to join the meeting.

Click Camera on the Meeting Dashboard.

#3. Choose to dial in using the telephone (515) 604-9189 or through VoIP on your computer.
If you dial in using the telephone, enter the Audio Sync PIN (#XXXX# located on the meeting dash board next to the telephone number) on your phone keypad to connect your phone line to the online meeting.

The Audio Sync PIN will match your voice to the video webcam when you speak.

#4. Video is live once the Camera turns green.

Join the Online Meeting:
The Sports Fans Connection's Dial-in Number (US): (515) 604-9189
International Dial-in Numbers:
For 24/7 Customer Care, call (877) 553-1680
Note: When using Google Voice, there will be a .01 charge from the carrier (not associated with the Sports Fans Connection). We do not advise using Google Hangouts. We have no control over the cost to connect when using Google Hangouts. Regarding the cost to connect, the Google Support Page:
Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from all countries where Hangouts calling is available. A few US and Canadian destinations will cost 1 cent per minute (USD), or the listed rate for your local currency. Calls to destinations outside of the U.S. are at low rates, but calling isn’t available to all locations.

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